How Long Will This Cold Weather Last?

Here's AccuWeather's extended weather report for the New Haven County area.

Wondering how long this cold snap will last? Credit: Patch File Photo
Wondering how long this cold snap will last? Credit: Patch File Photo
It's so freezing out that I can't help but wonder: "How long is this cold weather going to last?"

I took to the AccuWeather website and scoped out the extended forecast. Here's what AccuWeather is predicting for New Haven County. The temperatures listed are the forecasted highs for the day.

Thursday night, Jan. 23: Possible flurries, 3 degrees (ouch)

Friday, Jan. 24: Breezy, 17 degrees

Saturday, Jan. 25: A little snow predicted, 33 degrees (Yay for warmth! Can 33 degrees be called warmth?) 

Sunday, Jan. 26: Possible afternoon/evening snow shower, 21 degrees

Monday, Jan. 27: Possible snow/flurries, 35 degrees

Tuesday, Jan. 28: Colder but partly sunny, 20 degrees

Wednesday, Jan. 29: Partly cloudy, 20 degrees

Thursday, Jan. 30: Increasing clouds, 28 degrees

Friday, Jan. 31: Possible periods of snow, 36 degrees


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