Solarize Cheshire Brings Solar Boom to Town

More than 100 Cheshire homes are now equipped with solar power.

Cheshire residents check out a home with a solar power system during the Solarize Cheshire program. Contributed photo.
Cheshire residents check out a home with a solar power system during the Solarize Cheshire program. Contributed photo.

More than four dozen Cheshire residents have gone solar.

Solarize Cheshire, a town and state-sponsored program designed to dramatically increase residential solar electric, reached the end of its 20-week program on April 8.

Over the course of the program, Solarize Cheshire helped 52 residents go solar, generating 418 kW of power and more than doubling the number of home solar installations in Cheshire. More than 100 homes in town are using solar power.

The Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA), The John Merck Fund and SmartPower partnered with the town to develop Solarize Cheshire. Solarize leverages community outreach and the power of group purchasing to encourage residential solar installations.

The three chosen solar installers, All Green it Solar, Astrum Solar and RGS Energy, offered discounted pricing in return for support from the town.

“The cost and return made sense. I’ve always been interested in the technology, but when Solarize Cheshire was introduced going solar was a no-brainer,” said Cheshire resident John Kasinskas, “There’s never been a better time to go solar! While it’s just one small solar installation… if enough people to go solar we can negate a new coal plant.”

Cheshire homeowner Richard Frantz stated: “I went solar because I wanted to save some money and do my part for the environment.”

Although the Solarize Cheshire is formally closed, those interested in solar may still contact Cheshire’s selected solar installers, All Green it Solar (866-251-7854), Astrum Solar (1-800-903-6130), and RGS Energy (888-567-6527) to learn if discounts are still being offered to residents.

For more information on Solarize Connecticut, contact SmartPower Outreach Manager Erin O’Sullivan at eosullivan@smartpower.org or 410-980-2242.


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