Top 6 Stories of 2013 Across Connecticut

From the shocking story of a 71-year-old woman charged with prostitution to the emotional aftermath of the tragedy in Sandy Hook, these are the most popular stories of 2013 on Patch sites in Connecticut.

A collection of photos from the top 6 Connecticut Patch stories in 2013. Credit: Patch
A collection of photos from the top 6 Connecticut Patch stories in 2013. Credit: Patch
As the clock ticks towards 2014, we find ourselves looking back on the past year.

And here at Patch, we dove into some data and pulled up the most-trafficked stories of the year on our sites in Connecticut. Like the communities we serve, these stories are diverse and complex. Some are shocking, at times heart-breaking and inspirational, and others are simply tragic.

These are the most popular stories of the year, according to you, our valued readers: 

6. A West Hartford woman, Ashley Doris Wilson, makes history as the first Playboy centerfold model from Connecticut. Here's the story from West Hartford Patch, with photos (no, not the ones from Playboy!).

5. Aside from "why?", this was one of the most-asked questions following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary: what should become of the school where 20 children and six educators were killed? The town opened up a community conversation to tackle that emotionally-charged question, and tens of thousands of people tuned in to our coverage. Here's the story from Newtown Patch.

4. A Middletown family shares their harrowing story of how they were nearly killed in the Boston Marathon bombing. The family—mom, dad and the two kids—were there celebrating the 1-year anniversary of mom's stem cell transplant for bone marrow cancer. Middletown Patch had the exclusive story.

3. Justin Eldridge fought for his country in Afghanistan, but he lost a severe battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The U.S. Marine and father of four took his own life in October. Waterford Patch reports.

2. Ahead of sweeping changes that would eventually be made to Connecticut's gun laws, a specially created legislative task force held a hearing in Newtown in January. Emotional testimony from teachers and victims' families set the tone as the highly controversial debate got underway. Here's the story from Newtown Patch.

1. A 71-year-old Westport woman reportedly placed an ad for escort services on backpage.com under the name Lola. She was arrested at a hotel for prostitution, and Glastonbury Patch had the story


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