You Said it, Middletown: Are You Plowed Out Yet?

Middletown Patch asked hundreds of Facebook fans to weigh in on the status of their streets. Here's what we found.


Editor's Note: These comments were compiled from Facebook through 10:31 p.m. Sunday, upon which Middletown Patch promptly collapsed from blizzard-induced exhaustion and entered REM sleep!

Middletown Patch posted a request on its Facebook page Sunday evening. Residents responded in droves with how they were faring in the aftermath of the blizzard that dumped 36 inches of snow on our fair city. 

"Help us compile a true representation of adequately plowed streets by adding your street and when it was cleared. Thank you!"

A staggering number of people gave us invaluable information for their neighbors. 

  • Scotty: Sears St still not touched. Keeping me out of work I don't mind
  • Sal: i live on woodward street off of grand street middleteown ct 06457 and still at 8:24pm sunday night still not plowed
  • Lisa: How about what hasn't been done - Bailey Road - not done.
  • Kent: Candlewood Lane not adequately cleared, plow driver last night did his best. Still needs final snow removal.
  • Jessica: Washington St. has been plowed since yesterday
  • Liza: Wildflower lane was just plowed! Yippee!
  • Chrissy: Navadon Parkway - NOT touched!!
  • Richelle: Basswood drive not touched!
  • Justin: Emoji bomb
  • Donna: Westlake has only one lane plowed...dangerous!
  • Justin: Ps there is not one street plowed properly yet
  • Olivia: Avondale Lane is done
  • Thom: East Ridge is clean
  • Christine: Not adequate on Gowin..but they finally came down once @ 2.fIrst and only tIme.The Farm Hill area is so sloppy
  • Julie: One lane on Ridge Rd
  • Jessica: Burr Ave off of S. Main St hasn't been plowed yet
  • Kevin: Still waiting for Cranberry Lane Estates.
  • Kim: Butternut area not plowed  
  • Kate: Thimble Rock not plowed at all
  • Jenna: weslyan hills is still snowed in
  • Katie: Oak ridge drive has not been plowed 
  • Stacy: Morgan St hasn't seen a plow
  • Becky: highmeadow ln. around 5pm. 
  • Brent: Barbra rd not plowed and i know east lake isn't either
  • Krista: Deerfield ave not plowed and emergency management could not get to this RN who had to walk to Ridge Rd to get a ride to hospital. So disappointed.
  • Dorothy: Knollridge not plowed
  • Jane: Bartholomew rd plowed extremely well this afternoon- plow driver even avoided pushing snow into end of driveway. Ironically- our plow man lives on our road in higganum and his roads were clear since yesterday? He couldn't get to us because at the Middletown line our roads weren't plowed.
  • Brenda: Aston lane was plowed one lane at 730 this morning. Nothing since
  • Queshia: rose cir not plowed
  • Josselyn: Jacobs Terrace not plowed :(
  • Tim: Bailey Rd not plowed
  • Alicia: The Farms off of East St...not one road plowed!
  • Bryan: Goodman dr one lane
  • Chris: Drive one lane but why is my mailbox 20 feet in from the plow line?
  • Serena: Upper Liberty to Woodward is clear. Woodward not touched. Grand is plowed and High to Washington as far as I could see. Lower Liberty from Main St to High was plowed but not clear. Still had 6 to 8 inches of snow
  • Alberto Brainard, Home ave. and glover place not done.
  • Karin: This all needs to be forwarded to Mayor Dan cause the message that came through this afternoon stated that 85% of Middletown was plowed! Doesn't sound like it!!!
  • Jennifer: Fowler Ave. has not been touched since Friday night.
  • Shari: Hickory Circle - not plowed
  • Nicole: Saybrook rd one lane
  • Kimberly: Markham street , cleared today ... Thank you
  • Chrissy; 80% was done 7 hours ago...Really???? Doesn't sound like it. I know of many more streets that weren't touched that aren't even listed on here!!
  • Joanne: Woodward NOT plowed
  • Michelle: Monarch Lane and Willow Bee Lane not plowed.
  • Trish: Ledgebrook lane NOT PLOWED
  • Ann: Middlefield Street one lane south side of the street. Town plows and payloaders have been driving up and down that side all day. I absolutely refuse to shovel off 4 ft of road way, especially knowing that the town will eventually come by and back fillin my driveway.
  • Laura: Barbara Road not plowed yet.
  • Lynn: Magnolia Ave and Place not plowed yet!
  • Michael: Wesleyan hills needs to be plowed
  • Carie: Highland ave and Highland terrace not plowed yet
  • Chris: Most of the streets near spencer school are not plowed including Bailey Road, Barbara Road, Westmont Dr, MilitaryRoad....NOTHING PLOWED YET.
  • L Howard: They made a pass on Denison Rd early sat afternoon..thankful for that but haven't seen them since
  • Jody: Blue Orchard Dr still not plowed
  • Monique: Fowler just now getting plowed. If there were crews working since Friday they were working somewhere outside of middletown cuz everyone I've talked to hasn't seen a single plow since Friday afternoon.
  • Elise: Sorry you're getting only not-plowed comments but... Beverly Heights & Egan Rd still pure snowy tundra. I hiked up and saw a plow trying to work on Boston Rd and it was just spinning its wheels for several minutes. I do believe they're exerting a huge effort!
  • Krista: The plow was one street over about 5 pm and then left. Now no sight of them guess were not going to hit that midnight deadline!!!
  • Marie: Virginia Dr. NOT plowed- except for lane created by husband, son and neighbors !!
  • Lisa: It's 10:00pm still no sight or sound of any plows. I'm a corner lot neither Cedar or Lewis street touched.
  • Lorraine: Because they are using payloaders with snowblowers on the front...and they only have a few.
  • Lorraine: Apparently people aren't watching the news..and don't realize the ENTIRE state is having the same problem..city plows can't push the snow the way they would if they had 8 or 12 inches of snow..with drifts we have over 3 ft of snow on the roads
  • Chrissy: Which is understandable but why would the mayor send out 2 robo-calls today assuring everyone 100% of roads would be passable tonight if he knows the extent of equipment available???
  • Alicia: The ENTIRE state is not having the same problems at all. We have family all over and we are basically the only ones this bad off, with the exception of a few other towns. We are right on the cromwell line in middletown, and all of our family in cromwell has been plowed out.
  • Chrissy:The plow guys are working hard and we understand that but the mayor shouldn't have set unrealistic goals or provided false information! There is no way possible that 80% of the town was done 8 hours ago by reading all of these comments. Just be truthful....tell us we are stuck for a while!!!
  • Lisa: Complete bs.. 85% of what. My street has not even smelled a plow... 3 feet of snow 2 1/2 days later. .. no excuses. If there was an emergency no one could get anywhere near us and no one could get out.....  Believe me i tried!!!!!  Bear hill rd. NO...
  • Ellen: Higby 1/2 plowed. One lane.
  • Pam: Highmeadow Lane...1 lane @ 5:45pm.....thank you for that
  • Kathy: Ten acre rd, and it wasn't cleared.
  • Sandy: Birdsey Ave. They just started 15 minutes ago...
  • Anthony: Bretton Road, one lane.
  • Mel: Hey Sandy, they left   Lake St is still not done. Everyone around us is, but they just keep skipping this little section with 3 apt houses on one side of the street between Huntinghill and Durant and us on the other. So close, but no access out yet!
  • James: Roberts St. - one very narrow lane
  • Ian: Pearl Street is still barely one car width.
  • Jennine: Lisa Lane is barely passable however I want to thank Public Works for there dedication to the city. We had a plow stuck on our road during the storm for hours and he never gave up!
  • Tina: Waiting for large machinery. Day # 3
  • Crystal: a friend wanted me to tell you the farms is still unplowed. they were here at longworth but then left....
  • Carla: Arbutus plowed horribly. Came up Arbutus and stopped at Thimble Rock (last road on Arbutus at townline). Really u couldn't do Thimble Rock!

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Concerned Citizen February 12, 2013 at 02:13 AM
I'm so sorry that you feel antagonized by me, Jeremy. No need for name calling. I just want people to be reasonable and be thankful we didn't lose power. The roads are still terrible, but is it really because Dan Drew is trying to save money or the town is incompetent? Maybe so, but many towns are struggling with the same issues we are-maybe there are towns that did it better than Middletown- it should be looked into, but condemning our leadership in the middle of a crisis seems unfair.
Marie February 12, 2013 at 04:08 AM
Pearl St between Court & College still not passable. There are 5 or 6 houses that are still plowed in because the backhoe just stopped in the middle of the road Saturday night and never came back. If I had a snowblower I would be in the street clearing the snow, but I don't, so I can't and did as much as I can at my end.
walter f skinski February 12, 2013 at 12:32 PM
751 bear hill road still not plowed out, tried to speak to the mayor and the snippy bitch hung up on me. were 74 years old my wife is in a wheel chair and on co2 ,just looking for a little help,you can bet I wont vote for that sob again
Helene Bonin February 12, 2013 at 02:45 PM
Yellow Wood Street was dug out last night. We watched a maestro at work on a payloader truck. The person operating this piece of equipment was extremely skilled and careful not to pile the snow into our driveways and negotiated expertly the mailboxes in our tight circle. It would have been helpful to have accurate information from the city administration about realistic expectations for the work to be completed. Therein lies the problem.
JenB February 14, 2013 at 06:26 AM
Worried daughter in NJ is grateful her parents FINALLY got plowed out. Unprecedented amount of snow but looks like this is something we will have to plan for. Bigger storms and possibility of (longer) power outages. I hope this has been a lesson for all and things will improve in the future. I am grateful Mom and Dad had power this time. The Halloween 2011 snowstorm had me worrying about them without heat/power for 5 days. Thank goodness, my parents are smart, are usually well stocked in the food department, and they have each other!


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