A Weekend of Fantasy and Sci-Fi at ConnectiConn 2011

Other-worldly characters converge on Hartford

The streets looked a little surreal over the weekend in Hartford.

It started with the Joker jumping out of a Taurus, a group of zombies filing into the Convention Center and Harley Quinn skipping down the street ahead of a scantily clad Poison Ivy. It could only mean one thing — ConnectiCon 2011.

The annual event attracted thousands of fans, connoisseurs, artists, enthusiasts and creators in the realms of anime, manga, horror, computer and video games, card games, internet culture, comics, science fiction, fantasy and so much more.

The three-day event was held at the Convention Center in Hartford. Events included a masquerade, a dating game, and themed Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. There were also stations where skilled artists paint faces and anime art works are for sale.

Hundreds of tables were set up to accomodate small groups who compete in card games and miniature table games. Not all competitions are at a table, though. There was also a NERO tournament in which participants can gith each other with sword and shield. 


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