[VIDEO] Cheshire Theater Troupe Stages Premiere Performance

The Backyard Theater Ensemble will stage "Loose Ends" this weekend in a premiere at the Square Foot Theater in Hamden.

When Cheshire thespians Chet Ostroski, 23, and Kailee Donovon, 22, discovered there was no longer a town-sponsored summer theater group for young adults, they formed one: The Backyard Theater Ensemble.

The troupe's premiere performance of "Loose Ends: A Play in Eight Scenes," by Michael Weller's runs Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. at the Square Foot Theater in Hamden.

"We picked this show and kind of called out the troops," said Donovon. "The last time I saw some of these guys was senior year of high school when we were doing shows together."

Decisions about casting, directing, and costuming were a group process, the cast members said. They received some assistance from acting coach Donato D'Albis and stage manager Christina Domschine.

"We all collaborated together," said Domschine about working out the technical aspects.

"It's their collective, putting it together," said D'Albis, who has worked on other productions of "Loose Ends" in the past. "They're putting themselves out there for that moment."

The cast members are:

Chet Ostroski as Paul

Kailee Donovan as Susan 

Toby Henst as Doug

Amanda Averack as Maraya

Sean Gilleylen as Ben

Taylor Crofton as Janice

Kelly Marchand as a friend

Jenny Dowker as a friend

Tickets will be sold at the door prior to the 8 p.m. performance at Square Foot Theater, 2100 Dixwell Ave., Hamden. Prices are $6 for students, $8 for adults. For more information, please call (203) 231-8963, or click here.

Editor's Note: Loose Ends tackles adult issues and uses adult language. It is not recommended for younger audiences.

Tina Fattibene September 03, 2011 at 04:12 AM
Attended the first performance of this show, and it was excellent. Very intense,also funny,the performances were outstanding,a pleasure to watch! I recommend this show and give it five stars for entertainment.CLG


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