DIY Soil-Free Holiday Amaryllis

This is the perfect gift to bring to the host of a party, your mother or anyone who has any sense of how beautiful a lovely amaryllis can be.

I’m not sure when I decided that a beautiful red Amaryllis placed delicately in a glass container without soil would be my holiday project but I got wrapped up in the idea and have been pondering it for the past week or so.

I always start off with the DYI mindset and then, after I purchase everything, usually think, hum… what if I bought it already made? Would it have been cheaper? Often, and my husband will attest to this, someone else has made my project in a more beautiful and much less expensive way. But not this time!

There are many ways this planted amaryllis can be done using different vases and a variety of bulbs – this can change the price and quality of the gift you make. Here’s my How-To using plant bulbs from and vases and trim from IKEA.

Please share your DYI holiday projects here by clicking “add” to post your photos or leave us a note in the comments! Don’t like how I made this gift? Let me know your suggetions. Avid DYI-er? Blog on Patch!

Steps (also see step-by-step guide below each photo)
This is my variation of the EHow.com instructions

  1. Wash your vase (at least 8-inch depth required) with soap and water and then rise with water (EHow says you should rise the vase with a bleach/water solution but I couldn’t bring myself to bleach the vase and then try to plant an amaryllis in it).
  2. Add 4 inches of loose stones to the vase.
  3. Take amaryllis bulb and using sharp scissors, trim the dead roots off; the good roots will look white and fleshy.
  4. Set bulb in stone and scatter more stones around the base of bulb to secure it but not cover it.
  5. Add water to the vase, but only enough to touch roots. Do not submerge the bulb as it will get rotten and moldy.
  6. Affix ribbon.
  7. Create an instruction card to affix to the gift noting the importance of keeping bulb dry. I cut photos from the bulb box to make these tags.
  8. Enjoy!

Price Points & Materials

Total Project Cost: $10.63

Bulbs: $5.98 per bulb from

Glass Vase: $1.99 per vase (the other vase I like was $4.99) from IKEA

Trim: Ribbon was $1.99 (about $.67 per vase for three) and was split between three vases and there’s plenty left over from IKEA

Rocks: $1.99 per bag from IKEA

Comparison: A similar product would cost between $30-$40 from in Branford and $19.99 from any does not carry Amaryllis in glass vases but does sell the bulbs for $7.99.

Bruce T. Klein December 19, 2011 at 11:45 AM
I think you mean DIY, not DYI. Why not buy the supplies you need from your local Real Florist and garden center? Support the local businesses. Those big box stores (one of which in not even an American company) don't do much for Cheshire.


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