Judge: Occupy New Haven Can Stay – For Now

The group can stay for two more weeks and the courts will decide whether they'll be staying or going.

With the city threatening the eviction of Occupy New Haven, the downtown green denizens are bringing their case to federal court.

A Federal court ruled in favor of Occupy New Haven today, allowing the protest group to remain on the city’s downtown green until March 28. 

The city attempted to evict the Occupy crowd with a deadline set for today at noon. According to the New Haven Register, Judge Janet Hall of the U.S. District Court in Bridgeport allowed the two-week reprieve pending further discussion by the courts. 

The group’s Facebook page celebrated the court decision and urged people to join them. 

“Our spirit is strong. We are here to give everything. Assert your right to peaceful assembly. Stand your ground nonviolently and be prepared for the consequences. We are the 99% and so are all of you.”

The "occupation" began in October and a varying amount of protestors have been living on the green since then. 


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