A Dozen Cheshire Homes Sell in Late August

Seven homes sell for over a quarter million dollars each.

The following property transfers were recorded by the

515 Higgins Rd., $461,350, from Jun Dong to Samee and Sabat Samee on Aug. 20.

5 Bramble Way, $415,000, from Robert Parillo to John Lowe III on Aug. 20

508 Buckland Dr., $435,000, from John Ringwood to Brett and Lauren Mollin on Aug. 20.

10 Iris Ct., $391,000, from Moira DuPont to Scott and Deborah DeMeo on Aug. 20.

1067 Avon Blvd. $266,000, from Nicole Paul to Jeffrey Farrell and Heather Thurston on Aug. 17

855 Mountain Rd., $450,000, from Brett Gerstenhaber to Brian and Nicole Paul on Aug. 2.

35 Vanessa Ct., $278,125, from Scott DeMeo to Michael and Alexandra Silva on Aug. 20.

111 Percival Dr., $399,888, from Thomas Beausoliel to Efrain Gonzalez on Aug. 21.

319 Lanyon Dr., $264,000, from Allison Frankel to Lulla Eda and Emir Xhihani on Aug. 21.

1921 Peck Ln., $101,000, from estate of Donald Butterfield to CMJ Willow LLC on Aug. 22.

37 Burnt Hollow Ct., $282,500, from Brett Mollin to Michael Samson on Aug. 20.

7 Goldenrod Ct., $437,500, from Susan Matloff to Bhaskar Srivastava on Aug. 17.


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