AT&T Mobilizes Response Teams Ahead of Hurricane Sandy Arrival

The company says it plans on dispatching "disaster recovery" teams to respond to the damage from the storm.

While CL&P is already mobilizing extra line crews as Hurricane Sandy approaches, AT&T is also ready to dispatch its crews to restore Internet and phone coverage to its customers who may lose it.

“With an arsenal of disaster response equipment and personnel on standby as Hurricane Sandy nears Connecticut, AT&T is ready to respond quickly,” the company said in a news release.

Company spokesman Meaghan Wims said AT&T has already deployed its Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) team, which is a prepardness team that will take on restoration efforts after the storm.

The team has already taken proactive measures such as “topping off fuel tanks for generators at cell sites, installing high-capacity back-up batteries and distributing portable generators” she said.

“The AT&T team will be ready to respond at a moment's notice,” she said.

The NDR arsenal of equipment includes more than 320 technology and equipment trailers that can be quickly deployed to respond to events, such as hurricanes. The Network Disaster Recovery team works closely with local AT&T network personnel, regional Emergency Operations Centers and Local Response Centers to restore and maintain service until permanent repairs can be made, the company said.

The forecast still remains undetermined exactly where the storm will hit, but meteorologists agree that it’s likely going to have some effect on Connecticut.


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