School Lesson Incorporates Dance; Coastal Land’s Future on Table; and More

“The Towns Around Us” takes a look at what’s making news in neighboring communities.

BETHANY – Keith Johnstone has continued to surprise his doctors.
After an accident in which a tree fell on his head, they thought he would need a breathing apparatus for the rest of his life. He left the hospital breathing on his own. They said he would never walk again. He has since walked across his kitchen with the help of a walker and therapists.

But Johnstone, who was injured while working as a employee of the Bethany Public Works Department, faces an uphill battle against his insurance company — to get the treatment he and his wife say he needs. The insurance company says Johnstone’s recovery has plateaued. He refuses to accept that and vows to continue to fight — for coverage and the ability to walk on his own again.
NORTH BRANFORD – During the first week of school, teachers at Jerome Harrison School put a fun twist on educating students about the rules. They acted them out in a dance.
BRANFORD – A scenic shoreline street that was swept away during Tropical Storm Irene is on its way back.

Construction began this week to replace an 800-foot section of road along Linden Avenue. Work is expected to take a month and cost about $300,000; FEMA could cover 75 percent of that cost.

In the meantime, motorists are traveling along a rock road that winds through four private yards. Police and town officials are encouraging those who do not need to travel on the road to stay away.
STRATFORD – The fate of Long Beach West is on the table.
Build boardwalks and open the refuge to the public? Sell it to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for it to be preserved?

A commission discussed various proposals this week as it works to create a formal plan to present to the mayor.


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