In Cheshire, Residents Prepare Before Hurricane Sandy Hits

Stations ran out of gas as shoppers bought the essentials in preparation for the historic storm.

“They call it Stormy Monday,” sang blues musician T-Bone Walker in 1947.

Perhaps truer words haven’t been spoken, as what’s been called the Frankenstorm, the Perfect Storm, or just plain Hurricane Sandy, touches down in New England.

Cheshire public and parochial schools will be closed today and Tuesday; Cheshire Academy cancelled classes for today only.

The Mobil station at 995 South Main Street sold out of regular gas by 4 p.m. on Sunday. With only a few hundred gallons left, cashier Sam Abdelro taped “super only” signs on the pumps.

R W Hine Ace Hardware, 231 Maple Avenue, was also out of gasoline but still had propane on Sunday.

Meghan Alexander, cashier at Hine’s, came to work Sunday morning and by late afternoon had fielded several calls from people looking for generators. Hine’s only had pre-paid generators at the store, however.

“We ran out of [batteries] instantly,” Alexander said. “We sold out of [gas cans] quick, too.”

Gardening shop Cheshire Nursery, 1317 South Main Street, sold lamp oil, batteries, and stakes and twine to tie down newly planted trees and shrubs.

Firewood would have been selling quicker, “if it was a little cooler,” said Bill Beebee, Cheshire Nursery owner.

At Everybody’s grocery store, people shopped for the essentials: water, batteries, canned goods. Like many other places, deliveries may or may not make it today to stores.

“It all depends on the weather,” said Chris Zygmunt, store manager at Everybody’s. “You prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

Keep reading Cheshire Patch for complete coverage of Hurricane Sandy.

Here's a link to our live blog.


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