How to Change a Child's Life

By helping one New Haven County adult, you can help bring acts of kindness to children 8,000 miles away.

Credit: GoFundMe Changing Children's Lives page
Credit: GoFundMe Changing Children's Lives page
In May 2014, New Haven resident Alicia Wills is taking a trip with the charity group Changing Children's Lives.

She will go to Mbale, Uganda with a team of people who provide cleft lip and palate care to children. But first, the team needs your help. Wills created a project on GoFundMe to help raise money for the trip.

"In order to do this work, we need to raise money to finance the trip, supplies, and medications that are needed for a successful mission," she wrote. "Any help is much appreciated!"

As of Jan. 7, people donated $1,120 out of the $2,000 goal. If you would like to help, visit the GoFundMe Changing Children's Lives page.


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