Portland Home Sells for $182,500

Another home changes hands for $120,000 in this week's property transfer list.

The following information was provided by the Town Clerk's Office at the Portland Town Hall. The information is a matter of public record.

Sept. 20

Roger Guild transferred the property at 160 Main St. to J. Sullivan Properties, LLC, on Sept. 20 for $120,000. The conveyance tax was $1,500.

Sept. 21

John F. Newsom and Julianne Whited transferred the property at 83 Middle Haddam Road to Craig T. Whited and Julianne Whited on Sept. 12. The transaction was listed as a quitclaim. It was recorded on Sept. 21.

Sept. 24

Catherine M. Ferry transferred the property at 1 Brush Pasture Lane, No. 302, to Diane Higgins on Sept. 24. There was no const or conveyance tax listed in the record.

Louis R. and Jacqueline A. Bartell transferred the property at 6 Woodland Road to Jeffrey A. Grant on Sept. 24 for $182,500. The conveyance tax was $1,368.75. The transaction was recorded on Sept. 24.

Sept. 27

Eric J. and Sarah L. Hair transferred the property at 220 Cox Road, Lots 9 and 8, to Eric J. Hair on Sept. 26. The transfer was listed as “no consideration.” The transaction was recorded on Sept. 27.


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