'How Many Government Officials Does it Take to Screw in a Light Bulb?'

From a Town Council's decision to skip the bidding process to a tribute for a family pet and a volleyball team's championship run, Patch account-holders call it how they see it.

A Tribute to the Love of a Dog

"So far, only a caterpillar my daughter caught has been our 'pet' replacement."

says this in response to condolences left on her .

Council Approves Bid Waiver for Pension Study

"How many government officials does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

asks that rhetorical question as he laments the .

Oxford Rallies to Stun Fermi in Volleyball Semis

"White out time!!"

Following the , is asking everyone who attends the championship game this Friday to wear a white T-shirt.

Naugatuck River Greenway Project to Begin Soon

"This is awesome! My family and I currently travel to Cheshire to use the trail, so I am absolutely thrilled that we will have one so much closer! It is the best/cheapest way for a family to spend a day..."

is pumped about .

Wullaert Applies for AR in Dog Slaying Case

"Like always he will walk, pay a fine and get away with killing a dog."

That, says , will be the outcome of a , Desmond.


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