'It’s the Patients That Really Suffer'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders.

Branford: “I am sick and tied of hearing that they are fighting for ‘our freedom’ because they are not. The only war that was fought for our freedom was the Revolutionary War. All other wars are for political reasons only.” In a , expresses his distaste for the United States’ foreign policy. 

East Haven: “If people would educate themselves on how much medical marijuana helps people with debilitating medical problems they would understand the passing of this bill. One 76-year-old lady spends $350.00 a month for MM in Colorado and does not have to take any of her other meds that she has been on for years saving her $800.00 a month which on her SS income she can buy necessities and doesn’t have to worry about where her next meal is coming from.” A survey shows legalizing medical marijuana. is one such supporter.  

Milford: “While I completely empathize with the workers it’s the patients that really suffer in these situations. Connecticut has one of the lowest staffing ratios in the country, and state government is complicit in the neglect that happens in long term care. The system is badly in need of reform, and statistically all of us are going to be effected with someone in our family needing to be served.” An involving a company managing nursing homes is resulting in layoffs. reminds readers there’s more at stake than the employees and employer.


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