'They should be locked up or chained up like this poor dog was'

A look at the day's comments from Patch account holders in the area.

Milford: “Glad to see they have their porto-potties and dumpster there though.....not really accomplishing much that I can see. If you're going to protest, at least have a plan and be proactive...then I'd at least have some respect for their opinion.” As this commenter describes what she sees when she’s in the city. 

Stratford: “Why??? Why does this have to happen to animals? Some people are just cruel and they should be locked up or chained up like this poor dog was and see how they like it.” A severely malnourished dog was rescued earlier this year. Now a reward is being offered to

Milford: “We ALL will be the past someday, and we would not want to be neglected, forgotten or misplaced. Be respectful, be kind & be appreciative of the past or surely karma will catch up with you, sooner or later ~ if it's sooner, I'd like to be a fly on the wall.” A Milford Patch blogger/photographer , prompting concern from the community. 


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