Deadline to the Wire on Cable Stand-off

Some of the day's best -- or most bold -- comments from Cheshire and other nearby towns.

Cheshire: "I watch much of my ABC programming on WABC in NY (also available on Uverse; don't think I had it on Cox, but I have tried to black them out of my memory ever since I dumped them)." , owner of WTNH, WCTX and WWLP, to continue to carry the stations on Cox's cable lineup in Cheshire and other central Connecticut towns just minutes before a midnight deadline Wednesday would have resulted in a blackout of the stations in central Connecticut. 

Stratford: "I know you are expressing sarcasm, but this is a town problem. A theatre would be just like Harbour yard in Bridgeport. Drive in and drive out! This $1.0M is a waste of money. What is the plan after that is spent? There is none." A senator representing Stratford is backing a bill that would give the town's defunct Shakespeare Theatre $1 million in bonding. This commenter argues that even if the money is awarded and new life is breathed into the theatre, to keep visitors in town.

East Haven: "It never ceases to amaze me how so many of our elected officials wear so many different hats in the public arena. They get themselves so intertwined in politics, get the above the law mentality, then it becomes difficult to get rid of them." Less than 24 hours after he was named East Haven Police Commission chairman, in his former role as a security employee. This commenter doesn't seem terribly surprised about the news.


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