Cheshire Police Focus on Person who Wrote Disturbing Message at School

With the Oct. 2 threat over at Cheshire High School, police turn to finding the person who wrote the odd message.

It could have been a prank or a more serious threat. For Cheshire Police, the task now is finding the person who scrawled a message in a Cheshire High School boys bathroom claiming “people will die on/in school on October 2nd according to the Mayans.”

"We want to identify who wrote it and why. Why did they put that phrasing," Capt. Robert Vignola said Wednesday. "Was it a prank or a threat?" he said. Vignola said at the least, scrawling a message in a public building is considered criminal mischief. 

"We won't say someone will be arrested. We'll take a look and possibly file charges," Vignola said. 

With the perceived threat over, Vignola said the situation at the high school is going well. "It's very secure," he said. While he declined to say how many officers would be on campus the rest of the week, Vignola said police will continue to be present at the high school at all times.

"We're working with the school. They handle disciplinary issues, we're investigating a criminal complaint," Vignola said.

Principal Jeff Solan, in his first month as principal at the school, sent two messages to parents this week, assuring them of the safety of their children. Despite those assurances, 13 percent of the students, or about 200, were absent on Tuesday, he said. That's about five times more than an average day.

patch fan October 03, 2012 at 04:23 PM
I hope they catch the person who did this and have them reimburse the town all the extra overtime the CPD has spent on this. I am sure they have more important matters to attend to. Maybe it is the same person with the chemical bomb from last year? Has that person been found?


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