Despite Pleas to Die, Cheshire Home Invasion Killer Steven Hayes Won't Be Executed Soon

Though he wants to abandon his appeals, Steven Hayes will stay on death row for a long time still, experts say.


Because of the complicated process of Connecticut's death penalty law, Steven Hayes can't be executed soon, even though he's tyring to give up his right to appeals of his death sentence, according to a Hartford Courant report.

Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky were sentenced to die for the murders of  Jennifer Hawke-Petit, and her daughters, Hayley, 17, and Michaela, 11, during a  home invasion here more than five years aog. Hayes recently said he was abandoning his appeals because he is being subjected to "cruel and unusual punishment" by prison guards.

But experts quoted by the Courant said the state's recent and the likelihood that Hayes' lawyers will fight his attempts to be executed, would delay an execution.


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