New Cheshire Police Safety Program

Wearing a helmet of a seat belt will earn youngsters free ice cream and other rewards!

The Cheshire Police Department has launched the Cheshire Children’s Safety Awareness Program. The program is supported by local businesses in cooperationwith the Cheshire Police Department.

According to statistic, unintentional injury remains the leading cause of death among children and young adults aged 1 - 24 in the United States. Many deaths and injuries are preventable with the use of proper safety equipment which includes safety helmets and seat belts.

The Cheshire Children’s Safety Awareness Program will recognize and reward Cheshire’s children who use this safety equipment.  Officers will issue “Safety Citations” to Cheshire’s young people who actively wear the proper safety equipment when riding in a car, on a bicycle, skateboarding or rollerblading.  These citations can be redeemed at local businesses that have donated to this program.  The rewards include ice cream cones, pizza slices and a soda, and bagels with cream cheese.

 This program was funded entirely through donations from the businesses and organizations listed below: 

  • Elim Park Baptist Home
  • Shef’s Bagels
  • Rose Dairy
  • Pop’s Pizza
  • Mr. B’s Pizza
Too many children involved in accidents have been seriously injured as a result of not wearing the proper safety equipment.  Anything we can do to prevent these unnecessary injuries is worth the time and effort on our part to ensure the safety of our young people.

Any merchant or individual wishing to donate to this program or anyone having questions can contact Sergeant Michael Strollo at (203) 271-5500 or email mstrollo@cheshirect.org


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