Taser Arrest and Police News in Region

Unusual police incidents from around the area.

A New Haven man riding a scooter without proper eye protection was allegedly packing a Taser, according to the New Haven Register.


 at the Tuffano Amusements Carnival in the Hamden Mart parking lot prompted police to shut the carnival down early.


Call it a case of irony: A  and was caught on video.--

Four teens' late-night joyride through Waterbury, Naugatuck and Oxford in a stolen van ended some time after 11 p.m. when the vehicle toppled over .


When a customer became disruptive, the employee of a Milford business did what some in retail have probably dreamed of. .


As if tax season wasn't stressful enough,  when they tried to file their taxes and were rejected because someone filed a bogus return on their behalf.


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