Cheshire Democrats Unveil New Website

Cheshire's DTC launches a new social media effort.

The Cheshire Democratic Town Committee's new website.
The Cheshire Democratic Town Committee's new website.

The Cheshire Democratic Town Committee is spreading the word about the relaunch of its improved CDTC website at www.Cheshiredem.org.

In an effort to increase its connection with the Cheshire community, the Cheshire Democratic Town Committee website www.Cheshiredem.org was relaunched on Monday, April 7 not as a new site but as a more informative site with fresh weekly (and sometimes daily) content.

"The reason this was done is because those of us on the PR committee understand the importance of the Internet, websites and social media in the 21st Century when it comes to educating the public about who you are and what you are all about when it comes to the Democratic Party," said DTC Chair Dan Nowak.

Nowak also said, "Getting exposure individually as a candidate during a local election is important but it's also imperative for your organization as a group, in our case the Cheshire Democratic Party, to get that exposure year round for residents to get a true sense of what your views are and where you stand on issues."

Nowak added, "The relaunch was timed perfectly with this week's theme of all-day kindergarten on our website coinciding with the fate of all-day kindergarten being decided by the Town Council on Tuesday."

Unlike many town committee sites that produce fresh content mostly during local campaigns, the hope is to create a locally-focused destination website with fresh Cheshire-related content that can be found on a regular, consistent basis year round, according to the DTC. The goal is to provide information and exposure for Cheshire-related issues, news, activities and events that affect everyone in town.

Weekly blogs by Democrat Town Council members and Democrat Board of Ed members will be the norm with even more content to come including polls and videos. Nowak’s PoliBlog will appear on Mondays.

The more informative site begins today with one theme this week – all-day kindergarten. 

Cheshire Democrat Town Council member Peter Talbot and Nowak in their blogs discuss all-day kindergarten whose fate will be determined on Tuesday at the Cheshire Town Council’s budget meeting in Town Council chambers at Town Hall.

Cheshire residents may check out the entire www.Cheshiredem.org site on a regular basis for its updated content. The website upgrade coincides with the new, upgraded Cheshire Democratic Town Council page on Facebook.


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