[VIDEO] Cheshire Saves with Single-Stream Recycling

Single-stream recycling is coming to your curb in a big way!

Those blue recycling bins residents have used for years are about to be, well, recycled. The 18-gallon boxy containers will soon be replaced with covered containers that hold two week's worth of recyclable materials.

Two sizes of recycling bins will be given free to residents based on the size of their home. "Most towns give everyone the same size containers. We're not doing that. We'll give what best fits the household," Town Councilor Andy Falvey said at this week's council meeting.

He said most households will receive the 96-gallon bin while those with smaller homes will get the 64-gallon size. "The bucket is on wheels. You'll fill the containers on a two week basis," Falvey said.

The town expects to deliver the containers in late October or early November, Falvey said. Single-stream recycling is expected to begin in early December, he added.

Cheshire has 9,000 households that receive trash and recyling services, Town Manager Michael Milone said. He said the larger containers will help residents recycle more waste which will decrease the town's disposal costs by as much as $80,000 a year. 

"Families are trying to recycle quite a bit," said Town Councilor Patti Flynn-Harris. She said folks struggle with fitting all their paper and plastic waste into the small bins now in use. 

More information about the single stream recycling program can be seen here.


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