Governor Calls on Donovan to Explain Aide's Arrest

Dannel Malloy calls allegations "despicable" that campaign contributions were hidden.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy commented late Thursday on allegations that Robert Braddock hid illegal donations to the campaign of Democrat Christopher Donovan, who is running for the 5th Congressional District seat. Braddock, of Meriden, is the campaign's finance director and Wednesday.

“I want to commend the US Attorney’s Office and the FBI for their diligence in the investigation and the speed in which they’ve taken action.  Law enforcement is in many ways the first and last line of defense for our taxpayers, and when an announcement like this happens, we should all be grateful for their work.

“These allegations are despicable. While I am encouraged that the Speaker is cooperating with the investigation, his position requires that he give our residents a full explanation of what he knows.

“Allegations like this not only damage a campaign or a candidate, they also undermine citizen’s belief in their government’s ability to carry out its responsibilities.”


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