State Seeks Waiver for Federal Education Mandate

The "No Child Left Behind" mandate is challenged.

Connecticut joined 36 other states and the District of Columbia this week in applying for a waiver from the requirements of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001 from the United States Department of Education.

If Connecticut’s request is successful, the waiver will provide the state flexibility to design a new and improved system of accountability, support and intervention in schools and districts and the ability to target federal funds to better meet student needs.

"Connecticut’s submission of the waiver request is a critical next step for enacting real education reforms that will lead to dramatic gains for Connecticut’s students," Gov. Dannel Malloy said." Combined with our state legislative package, the plans in the application will help our state improve our education system, better position our young people for the jobs of tomorrow, and, as a result, enhance our economic competitiveness.”

As required by the United States Department of Education, Connecticut’s waiver application addresses four critical areas:

1. transitioning to college- and career-ready standards and assessments;
2. developing systems of differentiated recognition, accountability, and support;
3. evaluating and supporting teacher and principal effectiveness; and
4. reducing duplication and unnecessary burden.

Eleven states applied for waivers in the initial round in November of 2011. All states’ waivers were approved in February 2012.



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