$5 Million in Cheshire Property Sales

Mid-September brings high volume and high price real estate sales.

The following property transfers were recorded by the Cheshire Town Clerk:

975 Waterbury Rd., $235,000, from Kelly Gilchrist to Michael LaPlante on Sept. 12.

382 So. Main St., $300,000, warranty deed, from Williams Bros. LLC to Jorasa LLC (new construction of office building and two residential units) on Sept. 14.

57 Lancaster Way, $441,000, warranty deed, from Harold Schwenn to Gan Wang and Shuhua Jin on Sept. 17.

289 Talmadge Rd., $397,500, from Joseph and Karen Packtor to David Caldarella on Sept. 14.

1191 Marion Rd, $725,000, warranty deed, from Paul Bowman to Thurman Justice and John Surette on Sept. 7.

1104 Wolf Hill Rd., $142,500, from estate of Arthur E. Paolillo to Rebuilt Wolf Hill LLC on Sept. 10.

719 So. Main St., $158,000, warranty deed, from Bradford Seely, Jr., to Dominic and Kathy Scardino on Sept. 14.

325 Sandbank Rd, Unit B-4, $90,000, warranty deed, from James Spacek to Dee & Dee Inc. on Sept. 19.

480 Squire Hill Rd., $428,000, warranty deed, from Marty Ernstoff to Stephen and Laura Palma on Sept. 12.

24 Goldenrod Ct., $335,000, warranty deed, from Erik Shapiro to Greg and Linda Howe on Sept. 18.

1227 Wolf Hill Rd., $420,000, from the Raymond F. Bahr Jr. Trust to Edward B. and Joyce K. Holtzman on Sept. 21.

100 Scenic Ct., $548,000, from Jeffrey Ehrlich to Virginia Liu and Bian Qianlong on Sept. 13.

780 Ward Ln. $335,000, from Peggy Ellis to John R. and Jeanne S. Anderson on Sept. 21.

69 Barkledge Ct. $485,000, from David Cressy to John R. and Kellyann Day on Sept. 21.


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