Cheshire BOE Approves Budget with Full Day Kindergarten

Now it's up to the Town Council to fund it.

On Thursday the Cheshire Board of Education approved its 2014-15 budget that includes more than $800,000 to implement a new full-day kindergarten program.

But whether that new program ever becomes a reality is now in the hands of the Cheshire Town Council, which will soon begin its deliberations on both the school and town budgets

There has been considerable support among parents for the full-day program. Many cite the number of other districts that already offer the program, including those in the same state District Reference Group. The lack of a full-day program puts the district at risk of being left behind, many have said.

But others say the program isn't needed and the benefits are marginal at best. Some parents have said they prefer to keep their child home longer rather than start them in a full-day educational program so young.

The Town Council has not yet set its budget schedule but will hold public forums on the budget. 


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