[UPDATE] Dodd Honor Society Project

A project at Dodd Middle School supports an African school.

Traveling from Uganda to gather support for the Kampala Children’s Centre, members of the Destiny Africa Children's Choir visited Dodd Middle School recently to thank the students for their contribution to the organization.

The choir of pre-teens and teens sang a thank you song for members of the National Junior Honor Society who collected clothes, toiletries and other items for the center.

Honor society member Katherine Lucas said it was the first time the school had held a collection drive for the children's center. 

The choir sang a thank you song which conveyed the hope of the children at Kampala, many who are orphans. "Dreams of what to be, let's get to our destination," they sang.

The students by stating their goals as adults. Several said they dreamed to be teachers, others hope to be pilots, accountants or doctors. 

Dodd Principal Jeff Solan said the students' project helped them interact with other countries. "It's an ever shrinking world. We want to develop global citizens," he said 

The choir will perform again in Cheshire on June 12 at 7:30 a.m.at 150 Cook Hill Road.



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