Letter to the Editor: 'Principal Solan Handled (Threat) Situation Admirably'

A Cheshire High School student's mom is impressed with response by Principal Jeff Solan over perceived threat.

Editor's Note: This letter to the editor is in response this week by Cheshire High School Principal Jeff Solan after a scrawled message was found in the school which was considered a perceived threat.

I think Principal Solan handled the situation admirably particularly in his inaugural year as a high school principal.  What an introduction in his first year as principal at CHS! 

I thought his communication to the parents was forthright without adding any further drama into an already intense situation.  I think he did the right thing by asking for additional police presence on Tuesday.  I think Chief Dryfe also should be commended for his visibility at the high school.  It's one thing to send his officers out, and it's still another to have the Chief actually be on site. 

I am also grateful for the other officers present.  I think all involved did a phenomenal job keeping the students safe.  It could not have been an easy feat with all the commotion created by the news crews out all over the place. 

I definitely considered keeping my son home Tuesday.  I talked about it at length with his father and with my husband who is a retired police officer.  I also talked directly with my son Kyle.  I kept wondering if I should even take the chance of jeopardizing my son because none of us could be sure it was just a prank. 

Though I was uneasy sending him to school, I felt that a prankster shouldn't have that much power over a town, or more pranks would undoubtedly follow.  

Having said all this, I was thrilled when I learned at the end of the school day that my son was safe and sound.  I was very happy to get home and see him with my own eyes.  

Is this an episode I care to repeat again?  Not a chance!

Cathy Vellucci

shelly kelly October 05, 2012 at 11:07 AM
Absolutely agree 100%. Although my son did not go to school (because of a reaction to a shot the day before.) I felt very well informed of the situation and as I drove by the school it was very visible that security was increased. Its sad times where we as parents and educators een have to worry about such events. Way to go Mr. Solan ....Thanks for doing all you could do to keep everyone safe!


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