Water Aerobics; Not Just Grandma's Workout!

Here's a class to check out when the Cheshire Community Pool opens next week.

Water aerobics is a great workout that offers resistance with every move you make. It allows you to run, walk, leap, stretch, and pivot without injuries associated with land workouts. There is no impact on joints, bones, and overstrained muscles and muscles work harder because of the resistance. One simple move offers a natural weight-training and with your own intensity a good cardiovascular workout. The water offers a soothing, cooling way to develop healthy lifestyles.

The Pump & Power program is designed to offer stretching, toning (stomach, arms, core, and legs), and an intense cardio workout. But like all forms of exercise, what you put is what you get out. Come and give it a try, the first class is FREE. Pump & Power starts Feb. 27th from 8:30-9:30am M/W/F, see www.cheshirect.org/parkrec for details and pricing.


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