Cheshire Food Voucher Funds Run Low

The town's food voucher program is in need of donations.

As planning gets under way for the 38th annual Cheshire Food Drive in November, a problem is developing that threatens the Food Voucher program administered by the Department of Youth and Social Services. 

The problem is that cash is running low for support of the voucher program.  This program provides vouchers on a need basis to Cheshire residents who redeem them at local supermarkets.  

For many of those in need the voucher is the primary source for purchasing those perishable food items that generally are not available at the Food Pantry.  

Your donations are the only funding source for the Food Voucher program.  Out of every $1 donated to The Cheshire Food Drive more than 95¢ directly supports the Food Voucher program. 

The need for food assistance has been rising steadily for a number of years, and shows no signs of slowing down.  The need for financial assistance is urgent. 

The monthly allotment of vouchers provided to the town for distribution has already been reduced by ten percent to help alleviate the funding problem.

Without immediate financial aid there is a risk that the Voucher program will have to be cut back more dramatically before the end of this year. Our neighbors in town depend on this aid. 

The Food Drive committee is calling on all potential donors to consider making a tax-deductible cash donation now to help keep the Voucher program going without interruption. 

Please make your contribution payable to “The Cheshire Food Drive, Inc.” and send it to P.O. Box 926, Cheshire, CT. 06410. 

Thank you for your support.



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