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Throughout my entire life I have been surrounded by the supernatural. First as an experiencer myself, which later led me to begin researching and investigating the phenomena in search of answers. Although I am a firm believer, I also consider myself an analytical thinker, and look deeply into things before drawing my own conclusion. In 1997 I started the Smoking Gun Research Agency, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a place where people could share stories, ask questions, and seek their own answers. We encourage people to look at the evidence available, and ask simply “What Do You Believe.” Whether believer, skeptic, or undecided, people should be allowed to decide for themselves.
The SGRA now operates a Library & Research Center located at 284 Racebrook Road in Orange which is entirely open to the public. Most of our events there - which range from discussions to movies to workshops - are open to anyone interested. I am always interested in hearing people’s experiences and am happy to answer questions and provide information. Anyone is welcome to contact me anytime, and most importantly, I never share information without permission!  
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