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I am the adrenaline half of an emergency medicine/internal medicine couple. I am father to four children, the oldest of whom is just finishing a stint in China as a Peace Corps volunteer. The second just graduated from college, and the other two are students in the Cheshire public school system. After  17 years of teaching and practicing emergency medicine at Yale I got really, really tired of the nights, weekends, and working holidays and decided to look for a saner existence.  A year after leaving I ended up at Quinnipiac where I am medical director for student health and adjunct professor of health science. I continue to maintain my ER skills with regular shifts at Hartford Hospital, and during the summer I spend two to three weeks as a cruise ship doctor. I am very concerned with public health policy and this will be the frequent subject of my blog offerings. But my story comes from the perspective of the doc in the trenches, not the policy wonk who often hasn't the faintest idea of the real world consequences of his or her ideas. So here goes.......
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